Troubleshooting Difficult Home Appliances

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Things To Check On Your Washing Machine Before You Call An Appliance Repair Service

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When your washing machine acts up, it’s nice to know that help in the form of an appliance repair service is just a call away. This is especially the case if you have a large family with constant laundry needs. While you might be eager to arrange a repair visit as soon as you notice a problem with your washing machine, it’s a good idea to perform a series of checks before you make the call. Read More»

3 Modern AC Solutions To Give Your Home The Most Energy Efficient Cooling Possible

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With the summer heat, you want to be able to keep your home as cool as possible. This also means that you can expect to see an increase on your electricity bills. If you have an older AC, it may be time to consider upgrading your cooling system. This can be a great opportunity to consider energy efficient improvements like geothermal energy to make your new cooling as energy efficient as possible. Read More»

Change Your Approach To How You Do Laundry To Save Money

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If you’ve been used to doing your laundry in coin-operated machines in your apartment building or nearby laundromat, finally having your own washer and dryer in your own home can be exciting. While you might be tempted to load your clothing into each machine and forget about it until the washing or drying cycle concludes, doing so can be costly in two ways. Taking a lackadaisical approach to your laundry can raise your electricity bills unnecessarily, while also putting excessive hours of use on these machines – which could lead to a breakdown and the need to hire a repair service like Better Homes Appliance Service to fix the problem. Read More»

3 Signs Your Dryer Is In Need Of Repairs

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You depend on your dryer to dry all of the clothes that are fresh out of the washing machine. You expect it to work at all times, but what happens if it starts to act up? How do you handle it? How can you tell there is something wrong with your dryer in the first place? If you aren’t sure what’s going on with your dryer, see if one of these symptoms might be similar to the symptoms your dryer is experiencing. Read More»

Important Questions To Ask Before Replacing Your Furnace

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Does it feel like your home is getting colder and colder, even though you have barely touched the thermostat? Are you getting tired of feeling like you need to wear a coat or a hat while indoors? You may be overdue for a furnace repair or replacement. But before you agree to have your furnace replaced, here are some questions you should ask: Will my ducts need to be replaced? If you live in an older home, chances are good that the ducting could have been designed for an entirely different type of furnace. Read More»

A Few Things You Can Do To Keep Your Appliance Repair Bills Low

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Having to call for an appliance repair technician because something quit working is not always in the budget. You may be able to go without a washing machine, dryer or dishwasher until you can save the money for a repair. However, going without a refrigerator or stove can not only be uncomfortable, but cost you more than just the repair when you have to eat out. To help reduce the need for appliance repairs, here are a few things you can do. Read More»