Troubleshooting Difficult Home Appliances

Could Ammonia Be Your Next Refrigerant?

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You would be hard pressed to find milk, cheese, drinks, meat, and more that didn’t encounter some type of ammonia refrigeration before arriving at your house. The use of ammonia refrigeration has even expanded into being used in labs, hospitals, universities, and more applications. While many people do not understand how ammonia refrigeration is used, North America alone produces about 18 million metric tons of it every year in an effort to cool foods, beverages, and buildings. Read More»

Three Simple Tasks to Complete Before Your Appliance Repair Person Arrives

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When one of the appliances in your home dies, you can greatly reduce the amount of time you’ll be inconvenienced if you call a repair person right away. If the repair person is in demand, you might have to wait a few days until the person can visit your home, which is why you shouldn’t wait to get on the list. Your next priority is to prepare your appliance and the area around it for the repair work. Read More»

What Causes An Electric Dryer To Experience Hot Air Problems?

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Dryers are a vital part of any modern laundry room and the warm air is the heart of the dryer. Technical difficulties can cause an electric dryer to either fail to produce warm air at all, which leaves you with a drum full of wet clothes, or produces overly warm air that causes a safety risk to both you and the clothing. What causes an electric dryer to experience hot air problems? Read More»